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The Open Book Project book is a 248-page book with a special dust jacket and laser cut book cover. The book features a catalog of work from the Open Book Exhibition, images of and a brief introduction to the Open Book Workshop, and eight essays about "the book". Essays include:

Denise Gonzales Crisp "Listening to Books"
Phil Jones"The Book as a Tunnel"
Bonnie Mak and
Julia Pollack
"Book Unbound: An Exploration of the Material Forms of the Codex and E-book"
Johanna Drucker"What Is The Cult Future of the Book?"
Tony White"The (R)evolutionary Artist Book"
Penelope Umbrico"Our New Library: The Use of Books in Consumer Media"
Danielle Aubert"File Sharing: Reading the Index in Rosalind Krauss and Wim Crouwel"
Emily McVarish"Facing Pages: The Art and Design of Experimental Books"

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